Mind The Shadows

FOREWARD - For those interested in this subject who want to help me catalog and understand these beings better, or want to contribute to my study of these shadow people -  you may contact me via this blog.   Additionally, I will announce when and if I finish my manuscript on this subject in a later blog post.  Those who make meaningful contributions that I can use will be contacted and given credit in the book for their help.

This is a LONG detailed read, you might want to bookmark it and come back to read it in doses.  Or at least grab a snack and a drink. 

(All images are COPYRIGHTED by me DH. Thorne and NOT for use, reproduction or sharing without my written consent.  I WILL sue your ass, maybe.)

Just a picture of my shadow at night.  But, sometimes they
look just like this... Mind the Shadows. 

Every single culture and time period in history, people have talked about them.  Some called them demons, some just phantoms or poltergeists, others perhaps attributed them to gods.  Today, urban legends and fringe pop culture memes most often refer to them as Shadow People. 

In modern times they are one of those persistent and widespread phenomena that seem to happen all the time, but for whatever reason, there doesn't seem to be a great deal of occult study about them.  Perhaps they are considered too fringe even for the average occultist? Typically more often in the realm of the ghost hunter or other paranormal investigators...  Much in the same way Occultists don't always have much more than a passing interest in Bigfoot.

It has been my observation that Occultists, even postmodern chaotes, have (until recently) tended to be like any other subculture, scurrying to follow trends and fashions.  Those who try to create new systems of magick or work with any entities that are not somehow connected to the Goetia or some other lost culture or civilization are still often rebuked, sometimes violently so, with curses and social alienation.

The occult, despite its cultural eccentricity and tendency to be embraced by social outcasts... seems to be no less insular and closed minded than any other Clique.  The cool kids deciding for everyone else how to dress, what demons to summon, what methods to use for sigils.

Obviously, I sometimes forget I am an outsider... That my observations aren't new to anyone but me... so forgive me if I am saying anything you have heard before...

Let me get back on track -

It is my most audacious opinion that these beings are the most likely to be experienced by laypeople and normies, and others who may encounter the supernatural without any effort or interest in the occult.  More so in fact than ghosts or similar apparitions.  You have probably seen them and not known it, there might be one of them in the room watching you right now, and if you pay just a bit more attention to the corner of your vision, you might notice something different, out of place... Probably thinking them to be just figments of your imagination or maybe a slight dip into schizophrenic hallucination (which presents itself very similarly, but people who do not have this have seen them as well). Or maybe you have seen them and knew it was supernatural but didn't know they were Shadow people or that there is any possible distinction between them and another paranormal phenomenon. 

At the intuitive direction of my recently acquired guiding ally - Nyarlathotep.

I am currently writing a rough draft of a manuscript of magickal formulas and workings based on my own experiences that could allow a stalwart and brave occultist to experience these beings, and interact with them. I have not yet gotten a clear reliable answer, but I suspect there could be some connection to the Lovecraftian current and the entities involved, and the beings we call Shadow People.   They may even be one and the same, perhaps these beings are the spawn of Shub Nigurath, or maybe they are just denizens of the in-between or the abyss.

Or maybe it's just a bit of Occult Technology that nobody has really investigated yet and this is going to be something that puts me on the map?

Why anyone would want to make contact with these beings or find any use in such dangerous relationships depends on them.  In many ways, doing so is something you would want to avoid.  Typically, we cleanse our ritual temples and circles to keep beings like this OUT, but all too often the novice or dabbler invites them IN.  And this work of mine will involve doing that on purpose! As well as how to handle it when you do.

Unlike working with other spirits, even the darkest bloodthirsty cutthroat Djinn, these beings tend to defy many reliable rules that often seem to apply to the entities we deal with in the occult. These are not friendly beings... which isn't unique in itself, nor are these noble beings, They aren't adversarial in an effort to test and strengthen you or teach you.  They are not merely malevolent beings that loath you but have ritualized rules or limits on their power over you, or even mercenaries willing to do whatever their summoner asks for a price, even if it means betraying a former ally.

For all of those beings have a purpose or a set of reliable rules you can follow to keep out of their way or get them to work with you.  They can be, and often are dangerous, but they make a certain kind of sense.  Even the great old ones of the 23 current... with their alien minds and strange motivations, make a certain sense.

Shadows, however, are like chaotic packs of wild insane thugs, hell-bent on feeding off of your emotional distress, pain, life force and of all these energies, they savor terror...  They don't hate you, you are simply food.  They don't want to teach you, you are carrion.  Some of them WILL respond to offers of alliance, some will work with you, but ultimately, it's so THEY get what THEY want.

I would strongly caution against working with them, at least not without some reliable measure of protection, be it from your demonic allies, or the deities you serve.  These beings are a big part of what tormented my mind and brought me several times to the brink of madness.  They seem to enjoy creating unhealthy co-dependent relationships, and in the end, they tend to take the lions-share of whatever could be shared.  They prey on the young, the novices and the weak, and the dabblers.  And tend to keep their distance from the matured and skilled. 

The first few times I saw them and most of the times after, I didn't see them with my eyes directly, I would only ever see them like a flash of intuitive imagination.  And when finally I did actually SEE them, it was more or less always out of the corner of my eye or just off center.  Which many will tell you is a common way for people to see spirits of all kinds, but these are different... They aren't bright lights or blurs, or movement... they are darkness, and once you see them, they are unmistakable.

For example, while looking at a computer screen (back in the Day we used CRT monitors, not the fancy ones we have now) and being focused on it, once in a while I might see one of them peering at me from just off to the side or above the monitor from the other side of the desk, and when I would focus my attention it would go away and not return.  

Other times, I would notice them around people.  For example, while talking to someone who was acting strangely, I could tell empathically something was off... their emotions, their reasoning, their actions didn't add up.  As if something was draining them, manipulating them to be unhappy, or scared. One person, in particular, While staring at their face politely, I could almost make out, with the off-center part of my vision, a vaguely humanoid darkness clinging to them, like a ghost riding on their back, looking back and forth, this way and that.  

Taken from a comic I am working on.  
Obviously, this is embellished and stylized, 
but the vague concept is accurate. 

Still other times it was the eyes that sent chills down my spine... sometimes they just appeared like hollow parts of the shadow, or ghostly white like in that picture above, but sometimes they appeared to blaze with red fire, like the flaming heart of a smoldering fire pit or a jack o lantern. 

Ignore the text, this is again taken from a comic I'm working on.
I don't recall ever seeing a mouth as such, glowing etc. But the eyes...
Yes, the eyes are almost exactly right.  

These beings also often shimmer because
you cannot normally see them clearly
when you look directly at them...
So they have a predictable kind of appearance and way of seeing them. Often people report the same kind of thing, some of them wear hats, some have horns, some wings... some tails.  Some are only vaguely humanoid, and some are more like blobs of darkness with eyes.  The common feature among them all is the darkness... the blackness.  sometimes with a solid 3d shape, other times as just a mist, and still other times, flat like any shadow. 

So this begs the question: What are they?  

Simply put - I do not know! Not yet anyway, that's for sure.  That is going to be a big part of my work in the next months I think, as I work through the Lovecraftian entities of the Black Book Of Azathoth, and see if they can help me piece together what is going on.  

One doesn't commune with these shadow beings and get information or answers with the same kind of expectations one has for other entities or demons.  It is my belief that THESE are the mischievous gremlins that often send occultists on wild goose chases, or impersonate real demons etc.

Besides, getting bad info happens with any kind of interaction with the occult even under the best circumstances.  We misread or misinterpret, the spirit might be intentionally misleading us. But these beings can be downright unresponsive to requests for information, or animalistic and alien in their intellect and make no sense. 

I classify these beings on a power scale that puts the typical shadow being well below other spirits and demonic entities.  They are more "mortal" in how they act and react to our interactions.  This can even go so far as to make them susceptible to physical violence (of a certain form anyway talked about below).

Meanwhile, by contrast, some of them are indistinguishable in power and the unmistakable presence of any other higher Demonic force you might encounter, except often much darker and entirely malevolent and unpredictable in nature as if you are automatically are at odds with them as one might be when using Solomons practices to command and hurt demons evoked in the Ars Goetia.

I personally currently believe that a great many of these beings are servants of demons, and some of them ARE demons in shadow form. Admittedly, however, his is just speculation based on experience almost 20 years old... one of the only things you can be sure of about them, is they are mysterious and hard to predict, except they have a strong desire to feed on fear and life force that is vibrating with negative emotions like fear, hate, anger, etc. 

I suspect that they will antagonize you, either to frighten you or make you angry so you fight back and while you might succeed in routing or dispersing some of them, the others slurp up the negative life essences left behind like syrupy sweet nectar.   Like sharks in a feeding frenzy, when there is psychic blood in the water, they don't care who they eat... I think if they could, they would predate one another just as joyously as they do us.

One thing I have noticed is, animals seem to be able to see them, but they largely ignore animals.  Or at least when animals have been around me when Shadows would come calling, the animals didn't seem too concerned, And the shadows rarely got too upity... they mostly just lurked and scowled from the dark corners... The dogs might bark, stare, pant, wag their tail, circle around a few times, and go lay down... and the shadows didn't interact with them much either, focusing on me and any other people in the room.  But why?

Do animals not meet some criteria they have for the kind of energy they like to ingest?

Or maybe there is a more anthropological reason for this?  Humans, like many animals, have an evolutionary advantage in allying with certain species with similar social habits and complimentary needs.  If we go back 20 thousand years to prehistory, no doubt we would see humans and certain animals being linked by their needs and habits.  Happy healthy animals, mean a happy healthy tribe of people.  As we move forward, certain animals have not simply been friendly or motivated by us, but have become important parts of our civilization as companions, not simply food or tools.

None more so than the dog, and the cat.  maybe the comfort a content dog or cat gives us helps protect us from the influence of shadows?  Maybe that protection goes both ways?

Regardless, it is Clear to me that these Shadows are enigmatic chaotic forces of corruption and entropy, they are the Adversaries of the adversary.  They seem to work together sometimes, and then others act independently lacking any and all sense of loyalty.  Like loose affiliations of gangs and their members. 

Communion with them can be a bitch... 

Once in a while, one of them will bubble up to the forefront like a fart in a bathtub, Stench and all, and present itself as a powerful demon or entity with a name.  

These are the ones you either need to avoid the most or cautiously seek to work with.  The key here I found was in the name.  

(This next paragraph is REALLY important if you work with these beings on your own somehow)

The nefarious ones that just want to toy with you, will claim to be demons or entities that are known in magickal lore like the Ars Goetia, Religious entities like angels, and sometimes supernatural pop culture icons (bloody mary, the Mothman).  They do this it seems to trick the gullible, the novice, and the dabbler.  They definitely fooled me and many others when I was a young dabbler (the Account series of posts are often really about these beings and how they tricked me and how I figured them out and evolved). 

These shadows that pretend to be other beings are the most trouble, and you need to be smart here... you need to brush up on, or have easy access to, a record of demonic or other spiritual entities and their names.  lucky for us, we have google now.  If the being gives you one of these deceptive names,  It needs to know you know and that you will resist and stand up to it without fear.  

At that point, it can get violent. Be prepared.

By all means, begin your working with them politely, sometimes they respond in kind.  But when they do not... things can get rough literally.  

Yes, that's right, physical force may be exchanged, after a fashion anyway.  These beings will attack you on the physical plane, the damage they do to you is nearly entirely psychic in nature, but you will see them coming at you, feel them touch you, and feel your energy being sucked away, replaced by an icy numbness and pain.  You may even get bruises or scratches. I have personally been thrown from my feet, though it felt more like an assisted leap where my own muscles did most of the work, they directed me somehow.

You cannot touch them with your bare hands, you need to use psychic/Magick defenses or attacks, and physical weapons must be properly prepared and consecrated with protective energy... You can disperse them by way of these weapons and psychic abilities.

I know how silly this may sound to some occultists... I can't blame anyone for thinking this too much like a silly scary movie or anime premise or something.   Truth be told, I am still dealing with trying to figure out how much of this was THEM, and how much was the madness they made easy for me to fall into on my own... taking with me whatever fools would follow my lead.  And there were dozens of them - I assure you. 

Either way, I found that all but the most powerful will disperse instantly when struck correctly, and never return to bother you again, at least not in that form.  Whatever energy or negative energy they are made of is delicate and tends to snap or pop like a balloon when struck with the right kind of energy and intent. 

The more powerful ones are "denser" and some may be in fact demons, these do not seem to respond as much to these methods I just described... Or may require more forceful means.

Never under any circumstance allow any of these beings to be in control over you... Even the ones that play nice.  These are the kinds of beings the Normies on the right-hand path warn you about, the devils that lie to you and trick you.   These aren't the noble demon kings or even the cosmic horrors of Lovecraft.  

These are more like the spiritual outcasts, the paranormal uncool kids, the supernatural homeless... they behave like petulant gremlins and devils, the night terrors, the things that sit on your chest while you sleep and invade your dreams so that you wake up and can't move and see them drinking the fear deeply from your lungs as you reach a state of terror that is beyond comprehension for those that never experience it, then just like that, they vanish, you wake up and convince yourself, it's just a case of sleep paralysis and resultant dream.  

Yeah, right... Just A dream. Keep telling yourself that... 

Panel from a fictionalized comic I made of these beings showing a dream feeding.

These beings are very likely some kind of manifestation of the "junk" entities and energies roaming around us beyond the veil at any given time. The ones we usually cleanse away with sage, and ritual baths and magic protection rituals and so on.  They are parasitic in nature, sometimes organized, sometimes utterly chaotic.  I believe these beings are both servants of other beings, and some of them are of great power in their own right. 

I suspect that more than one experience of Vampirism can be traced back to these beings being involved, as they can be potent vampiric entities, and can tether themselves and attach themselves to both willing and unwilling sources, and in so doing infect them with a kind of vampiric need to drain energy from other things to make up the difference, and in return a kind of symbiotic but still rather parasitic relationship can develop where the shadow being can act on behalf of the host, giving them some ability and knowledge they would find difficult to gain otherwise.  Creating a cycle of psychic co-dependance.  

In my own experience, the things gained by working with these beings often fit the typical stereotype of the kind of abilities someone with fictional vampirism might gain but in very low level mundane and rational ways.  I didn' get superpowers or anything silly like that, maybe all I got was a placebo effect, but all this was mostly manifested in the form of heightened senses (especially emotional sensitivity, and the ability to sense the presence of living beings like people and animals, I had the shining so to speak), social manipulation (I found it easy to charm and manipulate people better than I had any right to be able to do), physical strength, reaction speed, and the psychic/Sanguine vampiric need to feed and the innate abilities required to do so intentionally and unintentionally.   I would also find it possible to enter a state of total cold rage, where all of these abilities were active and heightened.  As if I was able to trigger my adrenaline without any rational reason, and remain in total control.  

Some of this I still retain - however to a much much lesser extent. I know now that my own energy has become stabilized, no longer anemic like those with Vampirism traits, and these beings haven't appeared to me in over a decade.  I do recall quite literally resisting any connect, or belief in them, as I said countless times, I worked within the occult current for over a decade, then dropped it, almost cold turkey for over 16 years now.  Becoming a Zen/monist Mystic... and only recently last month (late August into early September 2018) did something click in me and make me dive back into the occult with both feet like a man obsessed. So who knows, any day now I might start seeing these fuckers again.  My wife has certainly noticed the change... she loves it.  

Either way... I am no longer "tapped" or drained by any beings that I am aware of and my body no longer feels empowered like it used too.  I did retain a strong Empathic ability, and the ability to sense people in particular...  My ability to manipulate people is pretty much down to normal human levels, though every once in a while I can feel it working.

My physical abilities are pretty much normal, though I am a very big strong guy, I wouldn't say I have any extra in the tank like I used to have, and that isn't just my middle age talking.  Because I have noticed a curious thing, I am almost in my mid-40s, but I look and have the health of someone in my mid-20s, especially if I shave and smile just right, I could pass for a teenager.  I have exactly 5 grey strands in my beard, and I had 3 of them for 20 years now...

A guy my size, with my activity levels, and history of abusing my body with smoking and a sedentary lifestyle for too long in my 30s... I should have every fat guy disease, every heart problem... I know guys smaller and more in shape than me that have a fraction of my health and youthful zest.  

So, most of the abilities I gained or imagined I had gained is gone, though I can still feel something lurking down there, like a stubborn splinter of that darkness that couldn't be removed.  As if I could still regurgitate that evil power back up to the surface if my life ever depended on it... 

So I take a lot of precautions now not to lose my temper, now I am a very mellow guy...  Zen liberation helped me a lot in that department. 

But I know the monster is still available.

But enough about me... I hate talking about myself, and I'm sure nobody likes reading it, but I include it for reference. Annnywaaayyyy... 

Maybe the boogiemen are real... They are lurking under your bed, and in your closet and always in your head...

All in all, these beings are dangerous and yet easy to underestimate.  But they are empowered by your negative energies, and fear can have a remarkably compounded snowball effect.  I have experienced situations where these beings are easily routed by a brave soul standing tall against their darkness, and I have witnessed Demonic Kings, already in attendance, abandon those who fearfully call upon them for protection when these beings appear.   As if Routed by a more terrible evil, or they are somehow lesser than the shadow beings that seem to sometimes serve them.  

Yet, to my knowledge, like every other scary thing in the occult, nobody I know has ever proveably died by the hand of any of these beings.

I knew a few people who might have been victimized or mentally ruined by them. Two come to mind:

The first one of them is a vegetable now... Nobody knows why he swerved off the road when he did... but he isn't likely to talk about it now, as even remembering his own name requires coaxing.  But back in the day before his brain injury, he was my brother, his life was more screwed up than mine, giving me perspective. In many ways, he reminded me of Ricky from Trailer Park Boys... A total fuck up of the highest order... He was the first one to truly see the shadows I saw, to prove he saw them as I saw them, and when they saw that he saw them too... shit hit the fan... the craziest summer of my life.

The Second was Andreas... I don't know for sure, in fact, I have no evidence whatsoever... All I know is Andreas had a very bad heart and circulatory condition, that meant strong enough shocks or impacts could kill him.  He knew a lot about what these beings might be, and he was a central figure in the early days of encountering them.

It should be noted that both of these people, the vegetable, and Andreas, all had these things happen to them around the same time I left the occult behind.  In other words, the same year I began literally cutting off my belief in these things... training myself to ignore them and believe them to be some kind of group hallucination.  Just as the last vestiges of my belief were being weeded out, These people suffered their mishaps and death... And only years later did I learn of their fate, and only now while writing this does it occur to me how close together their tragic losses are.

So yes, I admit, I could just be making connections that don't exist... but that is exactly how the occult often works... Isn't it?

For others out there in the world, I have no doubt they could, and have, met similar fates... in similar fashion to when demons or other spirits attack and kill, it would have been a mysterious death, someone dying in the middle of the night, or suffering some kind of unexplained heart attack or committing suicide without much warning. 

The lost and never found... 

I wouldn't doubt that at least some of the missing persons in the world could be related to these beings.

Over the years I would ask many questions about these beings in my divinations and invocations of these and other spirits.  This was spoken of as one of the things they do... Like the fairies of legend, they would take people away to the other side to devour or corrupt them.  I was told they like to lead people to their doom if they can gain anything from it...

Imagine... walking in the woods at night... being lured or driven off the beaten path by some scary shape in the darkness.  Only to trip and fall into a ravine or get hit by a car or something and slowly die from the injuries... Laying there, your life bleeding out, and you feel the pressure on your chest, and see the eyes, first one pair, then another, and another. ... you are dying, no ifs ands or buts about it, but not before becoming a psychic banquet for these vampiric beings.  

How much of this is literal truth? How much of this is occult symbolism? How much of this is just hallucination on my part?

That remains to be seen.  When I was given some of this information from my own personal demonic entities, I trusted it at the time.  I do not ask the same of you... Save for my warnings.  

Yes I am aware of how cringy some of this might sound... I'm sure some occultists out there are reading this and laughing at me, convinced I was merely being taught a lesson by a demon or some other being I didn't pay the right level of respect to.  That these shadow people are not what I am saying they are... No doubt a Christian or someone with similar dogmatic thinking thinks these are demons messing with my head. 

I assure you, I have no dog in this hunt, I fully admit that you could all be right... After all -

We know what we know, and we know it to be so until it isn't... But what we do not know is unknown to us, and shall ever be... Why would I be any different?

I would never, ever believe in these stories if they didn't happen to me.  Indeed, I have nothing but contempt for every spurious claim made by anyone but me... 

All I know is, I was a dabbler that asked for it, and I got what I was asking for.  I learned everything I know about the occult and the mystical arts from this decade's long experience.  I had no teachers and very few books.  I learned it in a bubble of ignorance with very little outside influence, and in some cases literally made it up as I went along, only later learning what I was doing was in many cases, already part of some recognized method...

It has only been in only in the last few weeks have I really begun researching the occult formally.

The fact that any of the things I say make any sense or seems accurate to people who deal with these things already, or is remotely relevant to any occultists reading my blog means, no matter how you slice it, there is a certain authenticity to my experiences that a great many who are new to the occult would be jealous of.

Yet, as I said before, I haven't effectively seen or sensed one of these beings in many years.  I have a LOT of catching up to do, and a LOT to relearn... These beings might be here right now, licking their lips with anticipation of the fresh energy I might generate for them...

I Firmly believe that whatever I was doing back then that attracted them, and maybe attracting them again.  Whatever it was I stopped doing, they lost interest in me.  Maybe sucking me dry of all potential energy became impossible as I learned to laugh at them and not fear them, and stopped allowing them to manifest and abuse the people around me. 

Be aware, they used me once before... I was their conduit, their focus.  Through me, they could terrorize and feed.  So beware - If and when I release my work, or if you stumble upon a method of your own... if they do decide to use you as a host, you can expect that they will use you to strike fear into others for them to feed on, to manipulate people and groups, to use your psychic abilities, and the energy of the group to manifest PHYSICAL supernatural phenomenon on a much higher order of magnitude than most occultists regularly experience.  We're talking full poltergeist level events, kinetic disturbances, voices, and even violent attacks that leave visible marks on victims.  

They will even use possession if at all possible, and you may lash out physically, hurting, scaring or tormenting others... Or if you are really unlucky, they will lurk deep down inside you, manipulating you and your interactions to really mess you up, or some combination of all these as was my case.

Or, maybe you are an even sicker fuck than I was back then, and welcome the idea... ?

But yes, possession is indeed possible, even likely if the victim is dabbling in occult forces without any safety net or experience or protection from a more experienced or more powerful being... And these possessions are likely to be one of the better explanations for occult possessions that go wrong that normies on the right-hand path warn you about.  The stuff you call an exorcist for. 

Working with these beings is like working with a notorious community of gangbangers, drug lords, rapists and serial killers in real life.  You have to be a little crazy to even try... or for whatever reason want to be IN that gang or associated with these beings.  

There is power to be gained by working with them, but it will likely take a big toll on you without your permission, only the most mature, disciplined and experienced should consider interacting willingly with these beings because you will need to know how to deal with their trespasses and double-crosses... 

The next steps:

As I mentioned I am working on a manuscript dealing with these beings, and I fully intend on exploring my old system of communing with them, this time armed with the protection and knowledge gained from the entities and demons and systems I am working with now.   Armed with the power of the internet to simplify and streamline my learning.

I want to know if I was a victim or a fool who was taught a lesson... 

I will only release such a manuscript if I successfully create a working and proven system that can be used by others to responsibly explore this part of the occult, with full knowledge they might be opening a Pandora's box of bad mojo that will haunt them for some time... 

So far I have only talked about the dangers and the malevolent encounters I have had with these beings, and that is because they far outnumber the useful benign ones, and even they will extract a toll on you, even they will scare you, and trouble you, and manipulate and torment you, even if just a little to get the savory nectar of negative energy they crave.  Most people are lucky they only ever see one lurking out of the corner of their eye, that goes away never to return... But remember, if they see that you see them... They tend to latch on. 

More than likely we are all surrounded by these beings and their junk energy all the time, more than likely our ignorance of them is partly what keeps us safe from them, allowing us room to disbelieve they exist... creating a barrier to their preferred method of feeding that can be hard to penetrate.  This disbelief makes it easy to imagine that what we are seeing is something mundane, something rational, just a trick of the light, or maybe a mysterious spirit we can work with in another occult way... But we clean our ritual space first, shooing them away.  

Or maybe, just maybe the demons and beings we work with, are THESE beings, playing at being demons and angels and gods... fucking with us, setting us up for energetic payoffs in the future we can't imagine or see coming? Or maybe I just got lucky and most of them are benevolent or neutral? Maybe because of the dark shit I was living through at the time, I was hanging out in the bad part of the astral realm too long and picked up all the bad spirits?

All I know is... 

Just like with anything in the supernatural and occult world. The more you look for them, they more they will notice you in return... And you might go from seeing them that one time to seeing them all the time.    You might be lucky and only encounter a benign spook that wants to startle you and drink a drop of your terror flavored energy. A bogeyman who makes the roof go bump... or that scary face you swore you saw outside the window that one time that made you yelp? But you convinced yourself it was just your reflection in the dark window? What about that creepy feeling you got when you ran up the stairs to the basement that one night when the lights were off... could that be one of them? 

Or maybe you will see one or more in service to a being you commune with, maybe because it serves a demon you are in league with... or is an enemy of them?

As usual with my work...

Treat all this as just a cool story to think about around the campfire when it's really dark and the shadows of the trees dance in the flickering flame.  Let the creepy crawlies in, and enjoy them for a bit... then let them go and remember I am probably making all this up. the sun will rise in the morning.  You can Pretend that cold chill on your neck is just your imagination or a draft... Or that sudden sharp electric ice jolt you feel that makes your muscle cramp is just a pinched nerve... and that imposing weight on your chest that keeps you pinned to the bed unable to move or breathe in the wee hours of the morning is just a dream... Yeah... that's it. Just a dream. So don't open your eyes, because you might see what's sitting on you... don't you dare look, or they will see that you see them. 

Mind the Shadows - D.H. Thorne

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