Sacrifice: a dark mystics perspective.

WARNING - this post is going to contain "grown-up" commentary on sacrifice, including human ritual sacrifice, and a monists perspective of the deeper meaning of this subject. I am going to present disturbing ideas that some people might not like. As I have said before, you can eat a dick, because this blog is about adult entertainment. I advocate nothing... I am simply here performing an act for you to be entertained.

So if you are here, and not of the age of majority, or have sensitivities to dark macabre, or evil sounding things... just leave.  All XTian or dogmatic moralistic comments will be deleted, and or ridiculed.  In fact, I don't care if you disagree or why.  This blog is mine.  A tower built to honor my hubris, not yours. 

*Fine print -  DEAR FBI AGENT - This blog is for entertainment purposes only, I would never kill hurt maim or otherwise knowingly harm a living soul.  If I ever need to use deadly force ever, it will never be by choice, I will always hesitate and only use said force if my life or the life of a loved one is in danger.  I do not condone anyone killing anyone, ever for any reason, and if it was up to me Hillary would be president and we would all be given happy pills all day and all racist trump supporters would be sent to Gulags where they can be reprogrammed to love the state, love the people in power, and just be good little servants and slaves to the system.  


So, I finally got around to reading the Dreams in the Witch House, which is a VERY VERY good story about a brilliant man who is staying at a house where a witch lived, and has all these grotesque and dark dreams culminating with a meeting in another dimension with Nyarlathotep, the witch and her familiar, and he is presented with an infant child who they plan to sacrifice and he is made to participate.  I won't spoil it for you beyond that, but I highly suggest you go read it, or find a good audio recording of it (Easy to read version, Great video)  The audio is long, so reading it may be faster.  Also, Lovecraft's writing is harder to follow when it's being read aloud, he tends toward dragging out the descriptive elements, and most of his stories follow the same format, when reading this is fine, but when listening sometimes I just want the damn story to get to the point.

AAAnnnnyyywwwwaaaaayyy I'm off in the weeds again - Back to the point!

After reading this, this got me thinking... With all my work with the Lovecraftian beings and my initiatory rite with Nyarlathotep under my belt and a lot more work to be done, I wondered... If I was presented with the same experience, if I was whisked away to another dimension, presented with the choice between sacrificing a child, without any worldly repercussions, would I do it?  If it meant ultimate power?  If it meant being immortal and being given status as befitting an old one so to speak...

Let's say I wouldn't get into trouble with the law, nobody I know being the child or caring about the child, not letting the child suffer etc... just a good clean kill like might happen when hunting


But actual sacrifice, giving up something like a life, or something we desire.  We see it around the world, in every culture, in every religion, in every single act of faith or spirituality, there is an act of sacrifice somewhere.

Most of my life I assumed this was just a kind of trade, giving your god something it wants in exchange for something you want.  Or a way to prove your devotion faith and trust to the deity or idea in question.  The story of Abraham and his son Isaac being one of the best examples of this.

But then as I thought about it... I realized I do not worship these beings, and I do not believe they expect me to do so.  What other meaning could sacrifice have then?  Is there a Monist perspective?  A zen perspective.  What is the deeper truth?

As usual, the deeper truth about reality is occulted by dogma, and a human need to complicate things.

So before we answer this question about what is going on here, I want you to take a second and really think about this and answer it for yourself.

If you were offered absolute power, or to walk the abyssal world of strange angles with Lovecraftian horrors, or some other higher order awakening, and all you had to do was humanely sacrifice an innocent life... would you do it?  Why or why not? What would make it possible for you to do it? What if the child was already brain dead, or in a coma?  What if nobody would care if it died?  What if the child was in the womb of a woman about to have a 3rd-trimester emergency abortion anyway?

Take a minute, write down your answer.  I want you to be firmly sure of it before you read on.

I bet the majority of you answered no.  You would not.  The abortion idea might give some of you a crossed circuit of reason, but you might make the distinction of doing it as a ritual sacrifice vs scraping out an unwanted/unhealthy non-person baby

But why?

Because it is wrong?  What is wrong with it?  No really, explain it yourself (not me, I don't care what you think).

Let me ask you this, why would a being like Nyarlathotep, or the devil, or god want you to do this?  Is it because they somehow need that child's blood?  Is it somehow going to empower them?  What about the god of the old testament?  Why would God want Isaac?  Is it because he really just wants to smell the scent of Isaac burning on the sacrificial pyre?

Well obviously in the bible it was a test... A test of faith and devotion. (well come back to that later maybe).

But what about someone who doesn't worship a god.  What about people on a Left-hand Path of magick?  What about a black magician?  What about a dark mystic?  Someone who refuses to be a slave to any being, to worship no one!? What about to someone like myself that believes ultimately we are all one thing experiencing an illusory reality we create from multiple perspectives?

What if I truly believe I am that child as well as myself as well as Nyarlathotep/devil/god etc?

Are these beings, gods, demons, etc.  Really that petty and small? Or are they just more illusory aspects of my truest self, asking me to take a step toward true liberation?  Are they not me doing this thing?

Not just knowing I am one with everything, but to act like it too?  To make an act that is so abhorrent to my sense of selfish morality that it would require already being more or less liberated to do it?

I got news for you...

If you kill that child because you think they want the blood for some reason, or to please the dark beings and worship them, or to prove your devotion and faith to them in the hopes of a reward... You failed the test.

You still don't get it.  You are still not liberated.

I would venture to say you would only ever be given that test if you have already failed it because you already know what the answer will be.  The TEST then is a lesson.

The struggle of going through it is the lesson, and the reward is the revelation at the end, if you are lucky, the revelation will be liberation.  To know freedom.  If you are unlucky or foolish, the revelation will be darkness and more illusion.

If you refuse to kill the child, you must ask yourself again WHY?

If you talk about some moral mumbo-jumbo about how killing is wrong, about how killing an innocent is even more wrong and about how killing an innocent for some reward is worst of all...

You are blind to the truth of nature.  You have drunk deep from the cup of illusory morality and do not live in even a shadow of the real world.

You have not yet learned to admit you are the author of all things.

The good and the bad.

If you adhere even slightly to the idea that all are one, be it in the highly evolved Zen format, or some wordy occult belief that we are all god...

Then you must admit that if you are you, you are also a saint, and if you can be a saint, you are also a rapist and a murderer.

You are already raping, pillaging, murdering, torturing and tormenting... And the very beings you are tormenting and killing and raping are also you.

Order for the spider is Chaos for the fly.

When a human is healthy, the microbes in their body are in a constant state of war, with the bodies cells winning, but still needing the struggle of constant invasion from germs to be strong and healthy. If you didn't have this struggle you would die.  So to the microbes in your body, a hellish nightmare of constant struggle is comfort and health for you.

When a wildlife photographer films a wolf pack, and those wolves catch a baby deer... those wolves tear apart that deer while it's still breathing.  They burrow into its soft underbelly and tear out the entrails and begin eating before the baby deer has lost consciousness from blood loss.

When you open a pack of chicken to put in the oven, that innocent creature was cut down by a machine to make you a meal...

When you devour a salad, feeling oh so superior for not eating meat...

Do you have any idea how destructive a vegan farm can be to the existing ecology?

Do you have any idea how many animals lives you have to take and keep taking to keep that farm free of pests and vermin?

To keep the forests and fields from encroaching?

All the insects that must die or be deprived of a breeding ground?

You cannot exist without causing harm.  You cannot exist without WILLFULLY doing what you might consider EVIL if the thing you were doing it to was in front of you and had innocent eyes.

We don't eat the cute animals.

We don't kill our own food, we pay someone else to do it for us, preferably with a stunning machine that knocks them out before the throat is cut or some other method used to ensure death, so even they don't have to gaze into their eyes and know the last moments of the suffering of the animal...

Only those rare few who are hunters have any idea what real nature looks like, and even we take many steps to minimize suffering, either because we are empathic and feel a little sorrow or guilt, or because we know the less the animal suffers, the better it tastes...

My point again is that you CANNOT do evil.

Because EVIL itself doesn't exist.

Evil is an illusion.  Things are done, and some if not all of them cause things that can lead to suffering. And we have no conscious awareness or choice in the matter.

Why then do we stall out when we are faced with intentional suffering?  Why do we care if we cause suffering?

We are likely the ONLY species on the planet that does this.  The only beings in the universe we are aware of that gives even a passing shit if the food we eat feels bad when we kill it to eat it, and a lot of other creatures don't even care of the prey is DEAD and unconscious before they start eating it.

Empathy, at this level, is why humanity is truly separate from all other animals.

Is that empathy a good thing?  Or a bad one?

Both really, it gives us a huge advantage in biology, as we are much more inclined to care about one another or know when the people or animals around us are a real threat to us.  They ensure we have a biological reason to cause minimal suffering in our own actions.

But it also means something so diabolically bad, that the concept of EVIL, even if it existed, would be an insufficient word for its understanding.

Because humans have empathy and thus a sense of good and evil IE guilt, we also have reason to lie to ourselves.

To do things with the best of intentions that cause the greatest bit of suffering in all known reality.

Every single act we take to minimize suffering in ourselves or others, or do what is "right" ends up causing more pain and suffering.


Every witch ever burnt at the stake was done with the utmost sincere belief that it was necessary for the good of the world and the witch.  Every single homosexual stoned to death in the middle east today, is done with the utmost belief they are doing what is right for the world.

Every war, every bigotry... slavery, even the majority of evil things done on a day to day basis... all of it stems from this ability to justify our actions, and when confronted say - "Well I meant well..."

Our ability, for example, to knock out that cow and kill it humanely gives us NO FUCKING EXCUSE WHATSOEVER to not eat more cow meat than we would or should ever have the ability to obtain naturally.  Harming our environment, and poisoning our bodies with excesses(rich people illness).  I'm guilty of it, so I'm not judging you... I love me some dead cow.

If we all had to go out, and kill and watch the suffering of these animals the old fashioned way, with sticks and rocks and bows and arrows and shit, you (the average reader) could not do it without needing some kind of way to deal with it emotionally, psychically, or spiritually.  I'm telling you this as an amateur anthropologist would tell you, every native culture rationalizes and deals with the need to hunt and kill by making it have holy significance, by honoring the killed animal, calling it brother, nurturing and protecting it, and this creates a sense of unity.

A sense that we are one with the earth and one with nature... This unity is only a half step away from the monist ideal of liberation by the way.

Some of you will be beginning to see my point...

The reasons you have for not killing that child are selfish... Perhaps more selfish and cruel even than the person who readily would do it for the power they think they would gain.  You don't care about that child, you care about how it would make you FEEL to be evil.

You won't do it because you truly think you are so holy and above reproach that the idea of killing to gain something is abhorrent, and you are so ignorant of your true nature, the bloody fangs of your own biology that you don't even stop to consider that you are not holy, you are not good, and the fact that you rationalize away your guilt is even more diabolical and evil than the one who hunts for their food and sacrifices it to the gods.

The tribal priest who cuts out the heart of a virgin and offers it to the gods in the hopes of bringing back the sun durring an eclipse is no villain... But you are. Because the only reason you don't do this is that you would feel guilty, or fear the consequence, or because it would in some other way make you question your morality and self-worth.

Your way is a cold, mindless way, a reactionary way, a nihilistic way... A way of true selfish ego... One that doesn't accept what is, even if it admits it is true... it denies that it is the way it must be, and wishes it could be different, but refusing to be the change it desires.

What the meaning of the sacrifice then, is this, it is a test a test not of resolve, not of faith, not of devotion. Again, many will disagree, and their magickal working will succeed.  But pay close attention to what you are willing to do, and the level of power your work has.  Is it because you are willing to give more that makes the spirits respond?  Or is it because you know, that much more, that reality is an illusion and this empowers the result?  Just like riding a bike requires knowing you won't fall and trusting your equilibrium to do the work for you?

It is a test of enlightenment and liberation...

Do you truly know the "evil" that you are, that you do every day, every minute?

Do you truly know that the only thing being sacrificed is yourself?

No different than eating cow or chicken?

Do you know that that child is an illusion?

One subtle test is how you internally reacted to the topic itself, I promise you, most of you reading this are not liberated at all.

You will know you are liberated thusly if the idea doesn't startle or trouble you, nor excite or entice you.  If you can think about doing it, viscerally and without a sense of guilt or regret, or perverse pleasure.   Obviously, the sight of blood and gore, or pain in the child's eyes might disturb you, If you have empathy you will likely refuse because it pains you.  However, the naked act itself should not.

The act itself is just an act, like any other you do every second of every day in the totality of reality.  For you are the saint, and the sinner, the rapist and the therapist.  The murderer, and the protector.

If the act needs to be done, if the child is the baby Hitler for some it would be easy... But it shouldn't be hard if you truly understand.

As an act done to yourself, as you might cut your arm to draw blood for a ritual...

Would you not bring cut flowers if asked?
Would you not bring an offering of a lamb or other animal to a powerful deity or demon?
Would you not bring your own blood?
Why not some human?

Think about this very carefully, because to understand this balances very precariously on the edge of a very sharp terminus.  Teeter just a little either way, and you will fall and be split in twain by the paradoxical truth.   See this situation, not with the eyes of a human in the world fearful of laws and rules and gods and demons.  See this situation as the universe sees it, transcend the body and the self and see it as the highest self, as the true self, the self you are between your thoughts, the observer observing all observations.

If you hesitate to answer truthfully for even a moment, you failed. And need to be wary for you may be tested... The demons may ask for this, the gods may demand it, and the darkest corner of your mind you might deeply desire to do it... because you still have not been honest with yourself.

Again, I tell you, you will NEVER EVER be given that test if you already have passed it.  If you already know this dark secret of reality.   The beings you deal with will know you... they will know you because they are likely already drawn to you, and will know you are above such games.  They may have other tests, other demands, but all of these are lessons for you to ascend and become liberated and to know the power that is there for the taking... The conscious power of being awake.

If you are already fully aware if you are already awakened, even just a little to this reality.

No demon worth your time will bother asking for such a thing.  No god will demand such obedience... Even in the story of Abraham and Isaac, the outcome was the same... the test was given and passed, and the Abrahamists that followed distorted the story into one of obedience and slavery... instead of liberation and truth. 

Never... Ever will this be asked of you.

If they do, and you are fully liberated and know the truth as I have told it to you...

Tell them to fuck right off... 

Not because it would be "wrong" to kill a child! But because the spirit is being false with you, the spirit isn't worthy of you. It is a deceiver, it is looking to use your power and trick you.  It wants YOU to serve it, and to prove your devotion and likes that you have no idea what you really are.  IT is manipulating you, a higher order entity to do IT's bidding... Don't do that.  EVER.

Because they are not really gods, or demons, or anything that deserves your attention... They are weak, inferior, and should fall down in worship of you as a savage might fear and worship a fighter jet that flies regularly over its village.   They may be spirits, they may be able to do things for you, but they are not enlightened or empowered beings... they are slaves, they are less than slaves...

Take that to the bank.

Mind the Shadows - D.H. Thorne


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